Charlie Company’s operational area is Polk, Cedar and St. Claire counties primarily, although members can be from any county as they see fit. Once a member, you can train with any unit in the State.

Our charter is the following:

  • Training
    • Search and Rescue
    • Land Navigation
    • Communications
    • Tactical Operations
    • Self-Reliance
  • Volunteerism
    • Most of our members volunteer in other civic organizations to promote a strong community bond.
  • Mutual Aid
    • Charlie Company\18 works alongside police, fire and other agencies to provide assistance, when requested. This is not considered ‘being activated’. Posse comitatus allows for a governing agency to assemble a group of citizens, led by that agency, to deal with an immediate emergency. During this time, our group acts directly under the command of that authority and abides by their charter.
    • We support and foster local mutual aid groups in our operational area.
  • Membership
    • To become a member, you must attend three meetings or training days.
    • You must provide a current CCW or MSHP background check.
    • You must be voted in by the current membership.
  • Command and rank
    • Officers are elected by the members. Each Company will have one Captain and one Lieutenant
    • Members will earn rank by completing skills and tasks appropriate to the associated rank.
    • If you have prior military service and wish to be granted your final rank, you must provide your DD-214.
  • Bylaws